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About Us

Santa Fe Sports

Formerly Dana's Dance and Gymnastics, Santa Fe Sports has been providing top-notch gymnastics to the Galveston County Area for close to 30 years. Under the direction of owner, Jack Kuehl, the gym has produced quality female gymnasts at every level. Athletes have achieved numerous state and regional titles, as well as college scholarships.

Gulf Coast Gymnastics

Prior to 2008 known as Gulf Gymnastics, the gym was founded in the late 70's as one of the first clubs in the Southeast Houston area. Owned by Wayne and Melisa Thompson, the gym has provided a safe place for kids to learn and grow with the goal of creating the most well rounded young adults as possible. With many state and regional champions, national qualifiers, and collegiate athletes, they have also produced quality leaders both in the military and business world.

Together we hope to become even greater and place where kids achieve the extraordinary!